Freedom of the press extends to students’ posters

Staff Editorial

Under Education code 48907 California granted high school newspapers to publish whatever they choose, so long as the content is not explicitly obscene, libelous, or slanderous. 48907 allows students to post or write whatever they please just as long it does not disrupt a normal school day. For example, students are not allowed to call for a strike out during lunch or nutrition because it is out of the norms of a regular day.

The F.A.M.E. club recently was asked to remove their posters that promoted health living choices that were nearby the vending machines and student store. Administrators believe that if these poster were to be plaster by the student store, they will lose customers and make less sales.

Teachers and students were asked in a survey whether the club deserve permission to post these posters. Under the code students are protected and they are not obligated to ask for permission from administrators.

The poster itself is not obscene nor slanderous, it is a chart that categorizes items from healthy to not healthy that are sold at school.

The club is not demanding students to not buy these items ,but to make a healthier choice. Hollywood High is now collaborating with it new partner Kaiser that is funding the school to become healthy.

This year seniors were not allow to sell chocolates because it will only contradict what Hollywood High and Kaiser are trying to achieve.

It seems hypocritical of administrators the necessity to prevent and even ask the F.A.M.E. club to not be able to post the poster nearby the student store. Money is something the school needs, but money can not buy health.

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