Fitness classes at lunch include yoga and boxing

Jordan Yasuein, graduate of the Class of 2012, comes back in the ring to Hollywood High for another round of his healthy fitness classes.

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The classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during lunch. Monday is Abs and Core; Wednesday is Boxing, and Friday is Hip Hop/ Yoga. These classes are free,  and they take place in Ms. Thompson’s dance room.

“Well I was doing a volunteer lunch last year, and the Saban Clinic saw and liked my work,” Yasuein said, in regards to what inspired him to continue to provide the school with his services. “They wanted to see the outcome of the first two years.”

The classes, which combine physical fitness with fun, are designed to get students motivated to actually want to work out- a far cry from your standard physical education class. “PE is more a requirement while fitness is more of a hobby or stress reliever,” Yasuein said.

Although many others would be in it for the money alone, Yasuein has a fast pumping heart of gold. “[It’s] not necessarily about fitness, but to get a career out of it. Just helping people out is a passion of mine.”

When most people think of healthier lifestyles, they usually make the mistake of just sticking to only diet or only exercise. Yasuein wants to encourage a balance of the two. “I think a balance, not [just] a diet. A balance of both working out and eating right.”

“We get a gift for hard work? Both a boy and girl get a gift once a month because they take time off from their friends and lunch with a face saying ‘I need help, I want to change myself’, I believe in hard work results. So thats why I want to give them a gift,” said Yasuein.


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