Seniors become professionals for a day

Seniors became professionals for a day when they presented their Senior Projects on Dec. 6 on a variety of topics such as; bullying, immigration, global warming, mental disorders, and cancer.

The Senior Project consists of a letter of intent, a 7-10 page research paper, 20 hours of hands-on learning and a 7-10 minute presentation before a group of adult judges, most being teachers and administrators.

Seniors began working on their Senior Projects in the month of August. After four months of research and preparation, seniors present a PowerPoint. Their presentation will be graded and judged by their fellow teachers, SLC administrators, and even community members.

Every senior with an Expository Composition class is required to do a Senior Project to walk the stage in May. AP English Literature students are also required to do a Senior Project but it is presented until second semester after the AP Exams.

It seems as though the class of 2013 has more students thinking outside the box for their projects this year. Erika Zazueta’s , SAS Senior, was one of the few seniors to give fully dedication to her senior project by painting a mural on the outside of the main building.

Her Senior Project topic is on Street Art. “What motivated me was my brother, who was a street artist. He passed away in February, and I just want to give back to the Street Art industry” she said, “People usually choose easy topics like abortion, mental disorders, or a career. I didn’t want to be boring ,I wanted to stand out.”

Another SAS Senior, Ike Dayon, is also more committed to his Senior Project; making an original comic book. “Well, I’ve loved reading comic books and anime all my life and spend most of my time drawing comics, so why not make a full comic book for my Senior Project?” he said, “ My friends definitely saw something like this come from me.“

With the more common topics, some choose theirs for personal reasons. Noris Castellanos, MET Senior, says “My topic is about Religion, and the afterlife, and why people believe in it. ” she said, “I had to do the research and know more about it.”

Common but personal is what gives each Senior Topic a unique stand. “I had to give my dog away, because I didn’t want her to be sent to an animal shelter to be put down. I volunteered at Barks N’ B***es on La Brea and Melrose and definitely consider going back because of the experience I had.” SAS Senior Victor Tapia explained, “I want people to become aware of Animal Euthanasia .”

It has given some Senior a more long-term motivation towards their topic. Artist and Senior, Erick Zazueta says “If anything, I’m even more motivated now that I’ve learned about street art.”

Each Senior Project presentation shall speak for itself on the 6th day of Decemeber. Each one common, or unique, is important to each Senior and they’re walk on the stage depends on it.

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Camera and Editor : Jesse Jimenez

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