Spartan 117 makes his brave return in Halo 4

This game preserves the essence of all the previous Halo games. Even if this game has several new mechanics, they contribute to the greatness of such a masterpiece. Halo 4 should be on every “to buy” list for Xbox 360 owners.

While this game offers the previous feelings from other Halo games along with the original weapons, much more is added to the hectic warfare for a more enhanced and highly fun experience to newcomers and hardcore fans of the franchise.

There is a place for the most casual of shooting game fans in Halo 4. From the traditional red vs. blue team slayer games and capture the flag to the more competitive infection matchmaking and custom games, this game offers a great variety to something other than just campaign.

New game types have landed in this game including the new free-for-all regicide. This game variant allows players to be fighting for the crown. The one with the crown is labeled the king (who all players strive to kill for extra points).

Along with the multitude of matchmaking madness, this game offers a backstory to the original story of Halo 4’s campaign called Spartan Ops. There are several missions offered in this mode. From time to time, new missions will be added to continue the story and action to enhance the experience of gamers.

The campaign continues exactly 4 years, 7 months, and 10 days after the ending of Halo 3, being launched into outer space, and Master Chief, the beloved protagonist, wakes up to find the ship in wreckage and Cortana malfunctioning.

The elites have sided with the Covenant once again in this hectic war against the forerunners– a new for under their ruler, the Didact.

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