Enjoying the holidays is quite easy

I love the holidays. It is just that simple. Nothing beats the feeling I get when this time of year comes around. The crisp and refreshing air, vacations, and family moments make for this time a special place in my heart every year.

When winter comes rolling in alongside the festivities, there is this pleasant feeling of revitalization I get from the cooler temperatures. Air conditioning cannot reproduce the cleaned up feeling the air gets when nature permits it to be chilled below the norm.

Vacations are abundant as well! Because most of the world’s mainstream, religious festivities take place at this time of year, students in LAUSD get a lot of time off. This is a yearly treat worth savoring. Choosing what time I emerge from sleep every morning, how I want to spend my afternoons, and when I should have my cell phone out is all up to me and I love those little freedoms!

Schooling can take up a lot of time from hard working students outside of the classroom with rigorous loads of homework and after school activities. The holidays permit us all some reprieve so that we can have a chance to reconnect with the relatives we normally do not have the time to see.

I look forward to my winter break with great excitement. Whipping my phone out merely to check the time while wearing a Chargers hat indoors with a nice breeze rolling in amongst idle chatter between relatives is going to be a blast!


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