Different year, different rules

Teachers and students were all left confused after misunderstanding an announcement that was made during last month’s discipline assembly.

Many students were left frustrated after thinking that if they were to commit one minor offense it was going prevent them from walking the stage.

Principal Sanchez subsequently clarified the situation in that the only way the privilege of walking across the stage was going to be revoked was if the student were to commit a serious offense.

Those who would bring a gun, knife or any illegal substances to school or those who get into a fight would immediately be suspended and lose their privilege of walking the stage without being able to appeal their case.

Although illicit chocolate and chicken sandwich sellers would not lose that privilege let alone be suspended, those students should know that they are committing a minor offense because it is against the school district’s policy to allow competition with Café L.A.

The district’s policy on contraband in school includes requiring schools to conduct random searches to catch and discourage students who try to bring in items that are not permitted on campus.

About 70 random searches have been conducted in Hollywood High already.

We wonder whether these searches are truly random or whether they occur in some buildings more than others.

These searches are supposed to be random and without any prejudice, but many argue that it seems like they target a particular area of the school.

Some students seem to be chosen at random while others seem to be deemed suspicious based on appearance.

Let’s hope that the new year brings more justice, fair enforcement of rules, and equal treatment.

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