Breaking Dawn Part 2 sinks its teeth into the box office

Breaking Dawn Part 2 hit theatres on Nov. 16, 2012. Before the movie was shown on screens fans were already hectic waiting for the midnight show. It was predicted and expected to be the best out of the Twilight series, and in the end, it was. Surprisingly even non-Twilight fans agreed it was the best, and many decided to watch it twice.

The movie started off with Bella (Kristen Stewart) getting use to her heightened senses. Edward (Robert Pattinson) takes her into the woods to get her her first drink of blood. Returning from her catch, Bella finally sees Renesme. Renesme being born was a miracle, but for others she was a potential threat. The Volturi saw her as an immortal child and in order for the Cullen’s to prove them wrong they gathered witnesses from all over the world.

 When it came to prove that Renesme was not a threat, both the Volturi and the Cullen’s met at a battlefield. Little did the viewers know that there will be a twist leading up towards the end. For the people who have not seen the movie, I will not ruin it for you. You will have to watch it to find out. Even those who read the book are in for a surprise. 

The applauses at the end of the films said it all; the directors had done an outstanding job in creating the film. It was a great way of ending the Twilight Saga. Yo the non-Twilight fans, you can fnally say it’s over.

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