Welcome back to Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D hit theaters on Friday Oct. 26, 2012. just in time for Halloween. The sequel to Silent Hill had people jumping out of their seats as fans watched this film for a good scare.

“I am a huge Silent Hill fan. This movie was honestly great and I was really scared. I watched this right before going to Halloween Horror Nights since there is a maze there so I wanted to get in the mood! Go watch it!” said Kimberly Vasquez, an opening night viewer.

3D movies are really in style at the moment so having a horror/suspense movie in 3D is just what October needed. While watching Silent Hill: Revelation in 3D people got to have the full experience and they felt part of the movie. The fear and suspense was much more intense. The 3D effects make you as if you were walking through Silent Hill itself and are the one facing Pyramid Head, the nurses and all the other characters in the movie.

This movie is recommended to those who love to get scared and want feel as if hey are part of this amazing franchise. Be prepared to face some of your fears as well.

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