Standards don’t help diminish tardies

Some of us are fortunate being able to walk to school, have the school bus pick them up or their parents dropping them off.

Unfortunately, not everyone has either of those advantages, and they rely on the public bus to get to school.

Every single morning I have to race to my stop because I just cannot afford to lose my usual bus. If I did, then I would be late to class.

At times, the bus skips my stop because it is jammed pack with students and it can literally take up to 15-20 minutes for another one to pass- and it will most likely still be full.

I hate the idea of being late as do my teachers. I am not always late, but when I am, I must drag myself downstairs to the counselor office and wait in a line that is literally from the office to Chick-Fil-A.

It is bad enough that we’re late and that we must stand there for minutes just to get a pass to even sit there and write 25 standards.

What’s the point? What are we, kindergarteners?

This whole new system is ridiculous- I do not understand why we need to endure this.

I am positive everyone knows that being late stinks. I do not need to write “I will not be late to school again” 25 times to learn my lesson. It is just a waste of time and paper.

Teachers almost seem programmed to say that every minute of every class counts.     I wasted an entire advisory period once waiting in line to get a silly pass and writing standards.

I know that we need to learn from our mistakes, but sometimes it is not always our fault. The whole idea that standards “helps” teach a lesson is not always true.

I do not believe that students should receive a penalty if they’re late 5 minutes into homeroom, because sometimes it is a challenge to get there on time.

Some of us have siblings to drop off and happen to catch the bus late.

Knowing that the situation won’t change anytime soon, administrators should drop the whole standard idea, it’s pointless.


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