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Seniors celebrate victory as volleyball advances to league finals

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Seniors celebrate victory as volleyball advances to league finals

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Lady Sheiks have completed their volleyball season with Varsity’s final record standing at 12-1, while Junior Varsity’s record is 5-8. The final game on Oct. 24th was against Belmont, and Varsity’s win has placed them first in the league.

The varsity game began as a ceremony for the seniors celebrating their final game in the season and in Hollywood High School. Each senior spoke about one another and later received a rose from Coach Burns.

“In the beginning we weren’t doing so well, but we pushed each other and reminded ourselves that teamwork is what is going to push us to win every game, and to make us stronger,” said 12th grade SAS varsity player Krista Lubiano.

Eric Burns, coach for the varsity volleyball team, has managed to achieve an almost flawless season. Coaching volleyball for ten years has payed off for the team and has gotten them to city finals for the second year in a row.

The varsity team is heading to the finals consisting of semi finals and one final determining the winner of this year’s volleyball league.

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