Senior class plans for perfect graduation

After a long dispute over the senior class song, ballots reveal that this year’s class song would be “Good Riddance(Time of your Life)” by Green Day.

Ending the graduation with “Gangnam Style” by PSY was what many seniors hoped for until administrators removed the instant viral song off the class ballot.

Senior class sponsors Magnet Counselor Elizabeth Payne and SAS Counselor Cynthia Ross received numerous of seniors voting for “Gangnam Style” to be their class song.

“It was a ridiculous amount of votes we got voting in for that song and after a while we just stopped counting” said Ross.

More than half the seniors voted for “Gangnam Style” while other voters suggest other songs that were filled with inappropriate language.

“It was disappointing to see that the seniors were not taking this serious. They should know that their graduation is at jeopardy and that we are not the ones making the decision. In this case we did what was right which was too removed the song off the ballot simply because it was beyond ridiculous having it performed during graduation. “ said Ms. Payne.

When seniors heard about the idea of having gangnam style as their class song many  were frustrated and angry, assuming that the sponsors were the ones that chose it.

“I was mad because I thought it was ridiculous that we were having this song that is just a trend to be our class song. Because the class song is supposed to represent our lives and the adventures ahead,” said SAS Senior Ariadna Angulo.

Many issues have jeopardize this year’s graduation because a lot of seniors are not participating in school events and fundraising.  The possibility of having graduation in the auditorium instead of the Hollywood Bowl has increased.  It would be the first time in years that graduation would be held in the auditorium.

“We are trying to reach our goal of $22,000 by hosting fun events that will help us fundraise. Seniors need to do their part and help us get to the bowl,” said SAS Senior Rebekka Grammenos.

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