Senior Class Council

J.R. Rempola SAS

CC:What are your responsibilities as class president?

My responsibilities are to develop a class goal, to plan events , to fundraise and to make sure that the voice of the senior class is heard.

CC:What are some of the ideas that you have plan so far?

Some of the plans that I have in mind is to have Shakey’s Night, a roller skating night and Hockey. I plan to make senior year as fun as possible yet still doing my job raising money.

CC:Any final comment?

Seniors, let’s be determined to make sure we reach our goal of $22,000 and graduate at the bowl.

Ike Dayon SAS

CC:What are your duties as vice president?

One of my duties is to be the president’s right hand man and whenever the president is absent it is my responsibility to substitute him and follow the agenda and help the president create the ideas and execute them.

CC:Any final comment?

My comment to the senior class is to let them know that they should attend the meetings and to participate in all of the events.

Rebekkka Grammenos

CC:What are your duties as class treasurer?

My duties are to handle the money. Right now we only have about $3,000 and we still need $19,000 in order to graduate at the Hollywood Bowl.

CC:If we do not reach the goal what would be the alternative?

Some of the alternatives would be to graduate in the auditorium. But I highly doubt that would be an option because I know that we will reach our goal.

CC: Any final comment?

My final comment would be to let the seniors know that we need to fundraise and fundraise.

Pratnya Moniaga PAM

CC: As secretary what are your responsibilities?

Some of responsibilities would be to keep organized I keep record of everything and I write down basically everything that is said. I help out writing out the documents and making sure everyone is on task. I also keep in touch with the Alumni association to work with them.

CC: Any final comment?

I have to say that the senior class needs to be involved as much as possible and that this is our graduation and that we much reach our goal and graduate at the bowl.

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