New basketball coaches bring new ideas

This year’s girls basketball season has added on two new coaches for the junior varsity team.

Former Junior Varsity Coach Rosa Marin has been replaced by Thara Innocent and Raymond Carrillo.

The new coaches aim to get the Junior Varsity team to a league title. Though they are new to Hollywood High, they look forward to getting out on the court with their team.

“I decided to come to Hollywood because I wanted to get to a different area. New environment, I like that it’s very diverse here.” said Innocent.

“It’s good to get girls that aren’t great because we can make them even better,” said Carrillo.

Both coaches are well prepared. “I’ve been coaching about for six to four years. I have a traveling team,” said Carrillo, who graduated from high school just last year.

Innocent also has a league title from her previous school, which was a small private school. “I coached at small private schools, both the boys and girls varsity team. These kids didn’t know how to play much, but the boys varsity team won their section.”

The coaches both know that their team needs to work hard and are focusing on their fundamentals, but they will stop at nothing to try making it to the playoffs.

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