Garden sprouts with fresh, healthy greens

Posted on November 16, 2012 by in News

Garden sprouts with fresh, healthy greens


Hollywood High School’s garden has been around for four years, but it wasn’t until recently that it has been recognized for its improvements.

HNAS teacher Joseph Mendizza and the garden project volunteers worked on the garden every minimum Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays- and it has indeed payed off. The garden has received recognition for all of the hard work they put into it.

“It teaches students how to manage a garden and to work as a community,” said SAS senior Hope Guzman who helps lead volunteers in building and maintaining the garden.

The garden not only beautifies the school, but also supplies the garden project workers with vegetables. The garden is currently planted with tomatoes, lettuce, celery, dill, onions, and a few other plants.

Mendizza began the program to supplement the culinary program with vegetables and healthy habits.
The future plans for the garden project workers are to plant a pomegranate tree and to create a place for compost. Mendizza also plans to expand the garden and increase student involvement.
“This garden is for the school. It is not limited to students who worked on it,” said SAS senior and garden contributor Tiffany Martinez.

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