Trojans Got “Served” Girl’s Volleyball Beat USC Mast Last Friday

The Lady Sheiks of Hollywood High School are in the middle of their season with solid numbers. The record for varsity is 4-2 and 3-3 for junior varsity.

Eric Burns, who has been teaching volleyball for over ten years, will be coaching the varsity volleyball team. Along wither Scott LeWinter coaching junior varsity.

“This year’s volleyball program did an extensive summer workout… (focusing) on learning the game of volleyball… with a lot of new girls starting at the beginner level,” said varsity Coach Eric Burns. By watching a game now, you could hardly tell they were beginners a couple of months ago. As a result varsity and junior varsity were able to beat USC Master on Sept. 27th.

“The players have been phenomenal and are getting better and better every week… We will have a very good volleyball program for years to come,” said junior varsity Coach LeWinter. “We’re trying to make life long volleyball player,” said varsity Coach Burns.

The coaches are supportive and are not just teaching the girls to play volleyball, but show them how to play as a team.

“Both teams are competing for the league championship and varsity also has a chance to make the LA City playoffs again this season,” said junior varsity coach LeWinter.

With eight more games still in the season anything is possible for Hollywood High School’s girl volleyball team. Home games are located in the big gym and admission is free.

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