Student Pepper Sprayed In Boys’ Bathroom


A student was pepper sprayed Monday Sept. 24. 2012, in the boys bathroom according to Mr. Allen, dean of students. No names or information about the students involved have been revealed but the case is still open.

“It is a crime; this is being treated like if the student had a weapon. It is surprising that many students do not know pepper spray is a weapon,” said Allen. According to Allen, this is the first time he has dealt with pepper spray incident. The school police officer, who did not give us his name, did not comment on this and gave no information out regarding the students involved.

Student was seen in the hallway of the 200 building with red and watery eyes saying “This pepper spray really burns! My eyes are hurting! It’s so hot!” Student Ike Dayon witnessed the boys arguing. He was asked what he saw and replied, “A group of guys go out of the restroom. One of them wiped his eyes and his face was red. They start yelling at each other and one group leaves. The other group goes back into the restroom and then leaves later.”

Mrs. Scibetta, assistant principal of discipline, said, “Pepper spray is considered a weapon and pepper spray is an arrestable offence. If a student brings pepper spray to school, they will get arrested. The student has been disciplined.” According to Scibetta, “A student should not wait until a problem escalates. If they have a problem, they should talk to their  counselor an administrator.”

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