Staff Changes Bring New Faces

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Principal Sanchez said one of her goals for Hollywood High is to present the school to parents as a safe learning environment, as well as a school that offers rigorous classes for those who want to challenge themselves.

She also said she wants to see Hollywood High to become more competitive school when it came to grades and testing. She wants to improve the problem areas of all students, namely mathematics.“I feel very privileged,” said Sanchez. She has strong feelings for students as they are pleased to see her as the new school principal, greeting her in hallways or in the quad area. “I appreciate them so much, they are so full of energy.”

Cassandra Morris is one of this year’s new assistant principals. Morris was originally from Los Angeles High School. With Sanchez moving up to school principal, a position was open for assistant principal. LAUSD reassigned Morris to fit the open position. She is in charge of the Teaching Career Academy and the 11th grade class.“I’ll have a good experience with students,” said Morris. “I always have a good experience with kids.” Her message to all students is “make today a good day, the choice is yours. You can make your day a positive day.”

Josie Scibetta was principal of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Academy at the Bernstein High School complex.An opening for assistant principal led to her reassignment on Aug. 15 to Hollywood High School. Scibetta said she was pleased in her reassignment. “I’ve always wanted to work in Hollywood,” she said.In the past, Scibetta worked as an assistant principal in Bancroft Middle School, where she got to meet students that are now attending Hollywood High.Her current duties include SAS, special ed, athletics, discipline, testing and school safety departments.

Rosa Cruz, formerly a school safety coordinator, is now teaching Spanish classes during the day. Cruz sought an opportunity to teach Spanish when Jess Dominguez, the former Spanish teacher retired last year. With her credentials in teaching, she was admitted as one of Hollywood’s Spanish teachers.“My goal is to be able to teach Spanish 1, 2, and 3 to the best of my ability,” Cruz said. She said she happily enjoys teaching as much as her previous occupation as a safety coordinator.

Fred Auriemmo returned to Hollywood High after teaching English at Bernstein High School. He previously worked here from 2002 to 2008. He is replacing performing arts magnet teacher Paul Itkin, who retired.

Dean Levengood came from Webster Middle School and is teaching ninth and tenth grade English in the New Media Academy.His previous principal informed him of the New Media Academy that Hollywood High School was offering and became quickly interested.His interest in the New Media Academy stems from his different style in teaching which involves video game courses in text. He is also interested in the academy’s students that are doing podcasts and such.“I’m happy to be here,” Levengood said.His goal for his students is to challenge them to using critical thinking and using creativity. “I want them to believe they are creative,” Levengood said, “I want them to leave with 21st century skills and to make it through college and have great memories that are exciting to them”.

Randall Fenderson is a health teacher from TCA who started teaching during the second week of school.Fenderson previously worked in a high school at Bogota, Colombia for two years until he returned to Hollywood. He previously taught at Fairfax High School.Fenderson was previously a coach for a swim team. Fenderson had a passion for the health of students and in teaching. He decided to combine both passions and become a health teacher.Hollywood High is his fourth different school, and in terms of students, he said he believes Hollywood has the best population. “I’m excited to be back in L.A. again,” said Fenderson. “These kids are more real, kind, good, much more genuine.”

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