Owl City provides a “Good Time” at Fonda Theatre

Owl City played a great show last Monday night at the Fonda Theatre before a youthful and energized group. Adam Young, the lead singer of the one-man band is touring to promote his third album titled “The Midsummer Station.”

Many people have heard Owl City’s summer anthem “Good Time” and catch themselves dancing to the beat, but experiencing it live was a completely different feeling. The atmosphere was incredible and I was humming to the tunes all night long. Although I’m not the biggest fan of pop, especially bubblegum pop,  I couldn’t help but feel excited for what song would be played next.

It was a school night, so I had to keep in mind that it might be a bit empty since Owl City’s demographic consists mostly of teenagers, but upon arriving it was a full house!  All the teens were right in the front and older fans in their 20’s were in the middle sipping their lime cocktails while the grown ups taking care of their adolescent children were in the back observing the behaviors of a modern teen while occasionally busting out a move.

They played many of their new songs including ‘I’m coming after you” which had everyone singing along and mimicking Young’s hand gestures while he jumped around from left to right.  Young’s presence on stage was incredibly energetic and captured the moment perfectly. He smiled and pointed to specific people in the crowd making you feel like you were the only one he was singing to. His voice is uncanny and has a smooth, youthful tone to it. He is as good a performer as he is a recording artist. I couldn’t believe how well he sounded live and how much he enjoyed the crowd’s exuberance.

The technical aspect of the show was flawless. During one of his new songs, “ Speed of Love” there was a laser light show. The crowd’s faces were being beamed with strokes of wonderfully blended colors and I couldn’t help but do a 360 around the whole room. You could feel the bass resonate throughout the theatre, and it was powerful enough to make my feet rumble. Young sang the old time favorite “fireflies” and was completely aware of the power that song has on his audience. Couples joined hand in hand and some put up their Ipad’s which displayed red glowing hearts to show their admiration towards Adam. Everyone sang along and waved their hands back and forth including the reluctant adults.

Although I was once skeptical of Owl City’s performance, I now have a deeper appreciation for Young’s work and how much he enjoys seeing his fans have a “good time,” pun not intended.

Photo credit: http://owlcitymusic.com/ 

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