Nothing is going to knock this girl down

Ten years after its last album, 90’s group No Doubt is making a comeback with its new album “Push and Shove” released Sept. 24,  2012.

Its first single “Settle Down” proves that despite the long break, lead singer Gwen Stefani and her band mates haven’t lost any of their edge.  After their decade-long success, they decided to split up and pursue other musical opportunities.

The band’s hiatus allowed some of the members to evolve musically on their own, participating in other projects like drummer Tony Kanal’s  collaboration with P!nk  on the album “Funhouse.” Stefani went on to have a solo career and engaged herself in numerous side projects. She came out with a multi platinum album titled “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” and later in the year became a mother.

Eight years later, No Doubt announced that they would have a reunion tour in the summer of 2009 with Paramore, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae and Panic! at the Disco despite not having their album finished.

Stefani began songwriting while promoting her second album and in June the band announced on their official website that the album would be titled “Push and Shove”.

The single “Settle Down” was released a short while later and gained popularity amongst old and new fans. “Settle Down” sounds a lot like No Doubt a decade ago, bringing back its catchy hooks and surf like beats. What is different about this track is that you can hear the Jamaican influences throughout the song a lot more clearly. While still maintaining its strong ska roots it brings something different to the table, allowing my ears to feel instant gratification.

Stefani delivers empowering lyrics such as “I’m a rough and tough, I’m a rough and tough and nothing’s gonna knock this girl down.” She masters these playful words with her strong yet youthful voice and occasionally delivers an angsty whine that makes you want to join her island jam. What more could you ask for?

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