Memorize Your Lunch Code Already

New Year, New Meals, New Codes.I felt relieved when I got my extra packet of lunch tickets during advisory on the second week of school. I had lost last year’s packet somewhere in my room,.Coming from a school where budget cuts were non-existent and lunch tickets were known as ancient, I had a hard time keeping my lunch tickets around. When Dr.Burns gave the announcement of a new lunch system, I have to admit, I was stoked.“Will it be like Palisades High School’s lunch system?” “Is this the end of lunch tickets?” “Are we swiping a card or using a code?”. I was anxious to know the answers to my questions.

Everyone received a card, with their name and some sort of bar code imprinted on it. While everyone in m advisory seem puzzled, I felt a huge relief for this year. When I saw students struggling and with a face of frustration when they’d get to the window, it then hit me that nobody really knew how much of an upgrade the system is.

There have been many comments on the new lunch system, and how it seems to be a failure, but I believe it’s only a matter of time. Line will be faster, you will have more time to enjoy you’re food, and you get to chat with your friends longer during lunch. The faster every student memorizes their code, the faster we’ll see results, and that’s a fact.

So is the new lunch system an upgrade to our school? It definitely is. Goodbye to those annoying lunch tickets, and long lines; now it’s up to our fingers and memory to do the job.

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