October 15, 2019

Weezer takes on Amoeba Music

Posted on November 1, 2017 by in Entertainment


Chronicle Reporter

Jared Cabrera 

Today at Amoeba music Weezer played a special acoustic set to promote their new album “Pacific Daydream.” In order for fans to attend the show fans had to buy the new album in the day of the release to get a special ticket for the concert. Many fans waited for hours and brought lawn chairs for the wait outside for the concert. But finally when everyone was inside the band came out thanking everyone for coming and looked very proud to play.

Weezer started off by playing their classic hit off of “Blue” with “Say it ain’t so”. Then followed along after with fan favorite from their sophomore album “Pinkerton” the band played “El Scorcho.” But of course they played 3 new songs which were number 1 hit “Feels like summer” “Happy Hour” and “Mexican Fender.” Although with a set of new songs Weezer played a number 1 hit song set list with songs like “Island in the sun’ or “Beverly Hills” to name a few.

Many fans were so delighted and happy to see the band to the point the entire room was singing along. Even famous singer songwriter and Oscar nominated front woman of the “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” Karen O was spotted at the concert. But at the end of the show Weezer left by saying to expect some very big news later this week.

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