August 24, 2019

Take part in #SavingDemocracy

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Take part in #SavingDemocracy

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

Scholastic Journalism Week is almost coming to an end. Today being #savingdemocracy, we are set to remember the true meaning of democracy. 

Students all around the U.S. are speaking up about democratic legitimacy. Yet good government is impossible without limiting democracy in some way.

“I believe Scholastic Journalism Week has brought up what democracy is to the government and it’s people to many students around the country,” said Lesley Lujan, 12th grade, SAS. 

Tomorrow will be #newvoices, #studentvoice. Make sure to come to room #502 during lunch to speak up towards something you believe in!

Welcome 2019 scholastic journalism week

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Welcome 2019 scholastic journalism week

Scholastic Journalism Week 2019 is here, running from Feb. 17-23 with different activities to follow everyday. Join along and support this dedication to our community. Here is a list of the daily engagement.

Tuesday, Feb. 19 – #RealNews. High school journalist do important world, not fluff. What #RealNews have you reported in the past year?

  • Our story on mental health has been one of great importance as many teenage students may be going through a tough time and it must be spoken about. Therefore, Katie and I took matters into our own hands and worked on an advice column for the first issue of the 2018-2019 school year.

Wednesday, Feb 20 – #EverydayJournalism. Wednesday’s focus is about the hard work that students journalist do every day. It’s #EverydayJournalism

Thursday, Feb 21 – #SavingDemocracy. Scholastic journalism often has to step up and report on public officials and public institutions because of the systematic gutting of professional newsroom around the U.S. How are you doing your part in #SavingDemocracy

  • As a high school journalist our duty is to speak in behalf of the other students and whether it be regarding a controversial issue we must remember that we have our rights just as real reporters do.

Friday, Feb. 22 – #NewVoices #studentvoice. Fourteen states have instituted anti-Hazelwood laws since that disastrous 1988 decision. But #NewVoices laws guaranteeing freedom of the press for students are being considered in Nebraska and Missouri. Help spread the word about the value of #StudentVoice.

  • The Crimson Chronicle staff will be holding a gathering where anyone will be allowed to share their concerns regarding the school community. It will be held on Friday during lunch and it will be a new beginning for all of the Hollywood High students to have a voice alongside the Chronicle staff.   

Hollywood’s Academic Decathlon team receive awards

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Sidney Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporter

The results are in for the Academic Decathlon and Hollywood High has some notable award winners including three gold medals.

The Academic Decathlon is as the name suggests an academic competition consisting of seven knowledge tests which were completed at Hollywood for our own students. These knowledge tests consist of  Art, Economics, Literature, Math, Music, Science and Social Science. After completing them, students later went to Edward R. Roybal Learning Center to complete the rest of the decathlon consisting of an essay, speech, interview. Students also competed in the fast-paced Super Quiz at this location, a challenge which is held live.

This year, the the topic focused on was the 1960s, which can be often referred to as a transformative time, with changes all around the United States from protests for civil rights and full women’s rights to the Vietnam war and rock and roll.

Stacey Kasai, a SAS senior is the team captain of the Academic Decathlon team at Hollywood. She won a medal for leadership/inspiration. For this portion, she had to read off flashcards which were used to challenge each other in vocabulary, as well as assign roles and act out Tom Stoppard’s play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”.

“It was really fun, we did a lot better than we thought we did. We placed 24th out of 57 which is a huge jump from last year,” she said.

This year has been the highest score that Hollywood has seen, before the highest was 26th place.

Jose Salazar, SAS senior, won a gold medal in the interview portion, with a perfect score alongside. The interview portion consisted of two interviews, one that had been prepared and another impromptu. He describes the process as consisting of a 20-30 second introduction followed by responding to questions for about five minutes.

“No, I didn’t think I was going to win,” he said. “I was really surprised because I wasn’t at the awards ceremony.”

He was notified of his win through a text from a friend who did attend the ceremony.

Another award recipient, Carmen Muñiz, an eleventh grade SAS student, won a gold medal in the essay and plaque for highest score on the team. She wrote her essay on Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States, and his plan against poverty, as well as society in America. The students received three prompts for the essay, and Muñiz prepared the night before by watching an interview on the 60s and going over booklets.

“Decathlon gets a rap and is assumed as a nerd competition, but when you actually do it, it’s very fun. It has its own difficulties because it is a competition, but it is manageable to do well in,” said Muñiz. “You and your friends should join because it’s fun to do, especially if you are on a team with people you know.”

Students Receive Free Chromebooks

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Senior Grace Lyde showing off her new Chromebook.

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

On Wednesday Feb 13, 92 students at Hollywood High received free Chromebooks. Students were encouraged last semester to sign up for free Chromebooks and many took the advantage to get one.

Seniors get to keep the Chromebook for up to three months and then must be returned by the end of the year. Juniors can keep the Chromebooks until they graduate, which is very beneficial.

This was a great opportunity for those who do not have access to computers at home. Doing work on a cellular device is quite frustrating, so Chromebooks are now helpful to students who do not own a laptop. Students can even use the Chromebooks at school.

An update for the seniors

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An update for the seniors

Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

To the seniors who purchased a number two package or higher, you are able to pick up a field trip slip for the senior breakfast in the student store during nutrition and lunch.

The senior breakfast will be held on Friday, Feb. 22. The field trip slips are to be signed and turned in by no later than next Friday, the 15th, by 12:30 p.m. There are no exceptions.

The student store also has ICED tassels and keychains for those seniors who have not picked theirs up yet. 

No rushing last minute on hour log!

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Alex Glebov
Chronicle Reporter

A reminder to all seniors to make sure that you complete your hours for your senior project. With one month already into 2019, you can not start getting lazy with your hour log. The senior project is very important for you graduation and should not be neglected until the last minute. For those who do not know what the senior project is, the senior project is something that seniors have to do that includes a research paper, a presentation and 20 hours of independent work. Those hours have to be written down an hour log that then has to singed by a mentor teacher that you choose.

It’s best to put an hour or 2 aside to work on your senior project each day and your our log will be completed in no time without you even noticing that you fulfilled the hour requirement. Best of luck to all seniors working on your project!

Annie finds its cast

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Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School’s spring musical, Annie, is in the midst of finalizing it’s cast after holding auditions and callbacks Monday, Jan. 28 through Thursday, Jan. 31.

The classic musical Annie follows the story of “Little Orphan Annie”, and her journey to find her parents, based on the popular comic strip by Harold Gray. Since it’s time on Broadway, the show has warmed the hearts of many by sharing the message of hope and endurance, something director John Tourtellotte hopes to showcase to the Hollywood High School community.

Economic parallels between society today and society during Annie’s time period, along with the lack of classic musicals at Hollywood High in recent years are part of what drove Tourtellotte to pick Annie as this year’s musical. “Ultimately it’s a fun show that has a tremendous number of roles for our students to explore and play and grow within.”

The audition process featured a dance segment done in groups of eight, and an individual singing segment. Some went in with a specific part in mind, while many were open to playing whichever role recieved. Those who progressed to the callback were later notified if they recieved the part.

Hannah Barukh, PAM junior, who was cast as Miss Hannigan said, “I felt extremely excited and started listening to all the songs and envisioning all the things we could do with it. I’m excited to work with the rest of the cast.”

Playing the lead role of red-haired orphan Annie is PAM senior, Audrey Crabano. “I feel really honored and blessed because it is my last show. I’m excited to celebrate all our hard work. The biggest shift is going to be working with a new director, who I’ve only worked with once, and getting to know his methods and style.”

Hollywood’s class of 2019 senior favorites are here

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Senior favorites are in for the class of 2019, nominations and the winning results were announced last semester around December. If you are not aware of who has won, here is a list of the winning seniors.

Mister and Miss Hollywood  

Lloyd Agad and Marielle Sanchez

Most Fashionable

Pamela Vista and Tyler Ransom

Most Athletic

Dorothea De la Cruz and Lloyd Agad

Most Friendly

Isabel Hernandez and Ali Dugally

Best Tea Spiller

Abigail Escobedo- Mendoza

Cutest Couple

Isabel Hernandez and Pedro Reyes

Most Woke

Alyssa Lira

Best Laugh

Maryjane Vielma and Winston Oughourli

Most Positive Attitude

Mayeli Acuna

Inseparable Duo

Yulissa Mendez and Arianna Ortiz

Biggest Flirt

Evonna Maultsby

SLC Favorites

This year new nominations were held for each SLC giving recognition to those who have impacted their SLC community in a great manner.


Most Likely To Win An EGOT

Chandler Johnson and Audrey Crabano

Most Funny

Anselmo Ko and Evonna Maultsby


Most Likely To Be Your Boss

Alice Moure and Celso Garcia

Most Funny

Cara Hill and Giovanny Morales


Most Likely To Win An Academy Award for Film Design

Yorick Howlandt and Katherine Villatoro

Most Funny

George Mazariegos and Erin Byrd


Most Likely To Work at Hollywood High

Anthony Sales and Kimberly Carrera

Most Funny

Christopher Beltran and Kimberly Toledo

Get prepared for the rain

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Get prepared for the rain

Sharon Ulloa

Chronicle Reporter

Weather in Los Angeles has been different everyday. Some days are sunny and 75 degrees, while the next day has been pouring with bad thunder.

Staying updated and being prepare is very important. Many students have unfortunately forgotten about bringing umbrellas and wearing proper attire. Thinking ahead a day earlier is crucial for this week’s weather.

After a series of unexpected climate, Hollywood weather this upcoming week will be unusual.

Spring PAM Performances

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Spring PAM Performances

Frida Larios

Chronicle Reporter

The spring semester is finally here, and there’s more to look forward to besides the weather. Every semester at Hollywood High school, the performing arts magnet puts on shows for students, families, and friends. There’s a dance show, choir show, and this semesters play will be “Annie”.

Workshops to audition for Annie will be held from 3:30-4:00 in Ms. Goldschein’s room by the gym, and from 4:00-5:30 in Ms. Hertzner’s room by the cafeteria.

The dance show will be the first show to start off the semester’s spring shows, Ms. Goldschein’s dance periods will be putting on this show and there will be three shows starting March 8, and going on until March 10.

Choir will have one show on April 11, this show will be put on by Ms. Hertzner’s choir class and the Hollywood High Notes.

Annie will be the last show to close off the semester and there will be six shows. Go out and support your fellow classmates and teachers who work very hard to put on these shows.

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