September 16, 2019

Hollywood Idol 2018

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Aline Sanchez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

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Hollywood Idol has been a traditional show hosted by James Carmicle for many years. Hollywood Idol is a show filled with talented students who compete for the 1st place award which is $100. Since the winter of 2017, Carmicle had been preparing for 2018’s show. He held auditions on January 12th and 19th, many students with different exciting talents came out of their comfort zone and tried it out. Students from each Academy, S.A.S., P.A.M., T.C.A., and N.M.A., worked hard to try and make it to the show. After a long weekend of waiting, the results finally were revealed. Congratulations to the chosen acts:

1)  Gretchy Hernandez

2) Chandler and Company

3) Zirah

4) Francisco Valenzia

5) Winston

6) The Left Side (Matteo Gironda, Carter Demus,Vladislav Vanianagin, Robert Thompson, and Justin Lubiano)

7) Alejandro Rojas and Audrey Curbano

8) Leah Jackson

The best of luck to these lucky contestants. Have fun.



Senior Class T-Shirt Election

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Aline Sanchez

Chronicle Reporter

Finally the senior class T-Shirt has been chosen. Although, it took Mrs. Elizabeth Payne and the student council to get students to nominate designs. They had to extend the deadlines by two months due to the fact that not many students were participating. About 50% of the senior class voted to chose a design. Here are the nominees:

Design (A) By Julianne Cueto

Design (B) By Cheyenne Wells-Green

Design (C) By Cheyenne Wells-Green

Design (D) By Marlyn Santos-Serpas

Design (E) By Luisa Manokyan

And the winner is…

Design (A) By Julianne Cueto.

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