Ending the year with Hollywood Idol

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Staff of Hollywood Highschool performing to Bruno Mar’s Uptown Funk.

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood Idol took place on Friday May 24, ending the 2018-2019 school year off in a perfect note.

It started off by showing a short video clip of the person who started the tradition of Hollywood Idol, the one and only J.B Carmicle. This year, senior Isaak Ramirez from SAS hosted the event. The judges were Johnny Wood, William Manning, Mauricio Arocha, Alyssa Pinedo, and Lisa Hertzner.

Hollywood Idol mostly consisted of singing, but a group named Black Spadze brought intense dancing to this years show. A surprise performance by the teachers definitely made Hollywood Idol one to remember. Ms. Escobedo thought of the idea to have teachers come together to perform to Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk”. Secret rehearsals took place in Ms. Goldshein’s dance studio after school, where Ms. Escobedo choreographed and taught the flash mob dance to teachers and counselors.

The third place winner was Black Spadze, second place was Kings of No Nation, and the winner of Hollywood Idol 2019 was Randella Drew. Randella Drew sang a song that she wrote which was based on taking risks and standing up for eachother.

NMA Senior Jayson Duran shared his thoughts on this years show. ¨The show was great, it was also surprising to see the teachers perform. It was fun to cheer them on and laugh.¨

Class of 2019 take a trip to Disneyland

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Kimberly Figueroa

On Friday May 10, seniors at Hollywood High celebrated gradnite at Disneyland and California Adventure. The night was filled with festivities to honor the class of 2019. Seniors arrived at the park at 7pm and began to explore what Disneyland and California Adventure had to offer. California Adventure closed to the public at 12pm in order to begin to celebrate the seniors. There was a dance party, light and water show, and fireworks.

Senior Monica Sanchez shared her thoughts regarding gradnite. She said “It was not worth the money and was very unorganized.”

The ticket was $165 and included the park hopper. Many seniors had a different opinion on gradnite and they were all mostly negative. To begin with, the bus driver got lost and did not know where to drop the second bus group of seniors. Because of this, our students lost an hour of being at the park. To end the night, one of the buses broke down, so the first group of seniors had to leave on a school bus.

Overall, gradnite was a good way to spend time with friends, but it could’ve been better.

Seniors enjoy their last pep rally

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Seniors enjoy their last pep rally

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

The final Spring pep rally took place on April 26 and gave the seniors a feel that they’re about to leave to high school. This year consisted of recognizing sports such as soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, swim, track and field, and cheer. All the sports had an opportunity to go up on stage to give a small speech on the team and recognize seniors. The videos were about 45 seconds long and demonstrated highlights from each sports season.

The hosts for this year were seniors Cara Hill and Victor Lopez. They did a roll call and freshman were boo’d at, sophomores were also boo’d at, then juniors were boo’d at, and finally seniors were called and cheered on their graduating class.

“Pep rally was a great way to start off the weekend and definitely gave me the feeling that high school is almost over” said SAS senior Ali Dugally.

Here is a link to watch your favorite spring pep rally videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMnPda2A2BVy9wfIYJWl1DQ

Students Explore College and Career Fair

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college fair

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

Students of all grade levels attended the college fair that took place on Thursday April 4, 2019. This fair helped many explore the options they have for the future and see what interests them. Students also got to talk to college admissions counselors to better get an idea of what is required for a certain school and to ask questions. Although the college admissions process is currently done, seniors who attended the fair were informed of the option to transfer.

“After being informed about transferring from a community college to a UC or private, I feel as if I have a second shot to go to the school I wish to go to”, said PAM senior Isabel Hernandez.

Students should definitely take advantage of the college fairs that Hollywood High has to offer. This will keep students informed about certain universities and will motivate them to work hard to get there.

Runners go the Distance

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Senior Anthony Sales showing off his commemorative medal.

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Kimberly Figueroa

Senior Anthony Sales showing off his commemorative medal.

The LA Marathon was highly anticipated by many. The marathon took place on Sunday March 24. The marathon is a 5k run and has a maximum duration time of six hours and thirty minutes, starting from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. The top three runners received a commemorative award, and the rest of the runners receive a commemorative medal. Anthony Sales, a senior in TCA, participated in the marathon and described his thoughts towards the marathon.

“Once I finished the marathon, I felt very accomplished, yet tired. I struggled after mile twenty because that is when I felt my body starting to give up.”

The next marathon will take place on March 8, 2020. Make sure to sign up to participate in the 35th anniversary of the LA Marathon.

Dancers Perform a Show to Remember

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Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

Dancers in Ms.Goldshein’s classes prepared all semester for the highly anticipated dance show on March 9, 10, and 11. They dedicated long and tiring hours of rehearsals to perfect each piece. Last week, dancers stayed at school rehearsing until 7 P.M.

“Practices were very tiring and long. I feel as if it was worth it because we put on a great show at the end of the day” said senior Michelle Munera.

This semester’s show was named “Elegance in Motion” and featured a variety of pieces, such as contemporary and modern styles of dancing. As I attended the show on Friday, I was very impressed with the way the dances came out and it all looked very professional. The lights in the background also gave the dances a very visually pleasing effect. The dance show was definitely one to remember.

Ms.Goldshein’s Advanced Dance Ensemble. Picture Credits: Kimberly Figueroa

Students Receive Free Chromebooks

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Senior Grace Lyde showing off her new Chromebook.

Kimberly Figueroa

Chronicle Reporter

On Wednesday Feb 13, 92 students at Hollywood High received free Chromebooks. Students were encouraged last semester to sign up for free Chromebooks and many took the advantage to get one.

Seniors get to keep the Chromebook for up to three months and then must be returned by the end of the year. Juniors can keep the Chromebooks until they graduate, which is very beneficial.

This was a great opportunity for those who do not have access to computers at home. Doing work on a cellular device is quite frustrating, so Chromebooks are now helpful to students who do not own a laptop. Students can even use the Chromebooks at school.

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