November 15, 2019

Seniors:Things you might’ve missed during the senior meeting

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Seniors:Things you might've missed during the senior meeting

Janet Gonzalez,Chronicle Reporter

Today,October 30th,the senior student council held a meeting in Mr.Tourtelotte’s room where they discussed things of interest to the seniors,Class of 2020.Ben Kersh,senior class president,announced the winning design for the hoodies which was created/submitted by senior Jade Rodas.Some students did not seem to be happy with the design to which it was announced that there will be an opportunity to create a new design for the t-shirts that will be made for the seniors and that they were all welcome and implored to create and submit designs.Those who want to create a design,you have 2 weeks to do so before the deadline.Many students had been asking school staff and/or administrators about grad night which Ben explained they would not be able to answer since Hollywood High School does not affiliate themselves with the event and that it would be better for seniors to DM the class of 2020 instagram page for questions on grad night.First payment for gradnight is to be turned in by November 15th. and the payment is 50$.Senior reception where they announce class favorites will be next week November 6th on Wednesday after school from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. in Mr.Tourtelotte’s room.At the end of the meeting seniors were able to sign up to be part of the 20 that will be made during the panorama picture which will be taken on Friday,November 15th.Class of 2020,Sheik Pride!

Journalism visits LACMA

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Journalism visits LACMA

Janet Gonzalez

Chronicle Reporter

Journalism and AP English Language students took a field trip Thursday to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to visit a new exhibition, Thomas Joshua Cooper: The World’s Edge. This special exhibit consists of years of landscape photography that he has captured from the farthest locations in the world, including Antartica, South Africa and Norway.

The classes discussed and did writing/drawing exercises that really seemed to help the students take in the beautiful scenes in the photos. Some of the photographs showcased are “The Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity, The World’s Edge, the Atlantic Basin Project” which he first embarked upon in 1987. For each location he traveled to he would take only on photograph using an old-fashioned box camera. He only developed the photo after he returned home.

I would recommend going to go visit the exhibition. Students 17 and under can get a free membership to LACMA through their NexGenLA program. Sign up at the museum and bring a guest for free.

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