October 15, 2019

2018 Fall Book Recommendations

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America Flores-Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

From amazing female detectives to solemn narrators that twist and turn stories, this list consists of selections from the mystery/thriller genre that are bound to leave you hanging from the edge. The following are based on this seasons “on the rise” reads. Publishers’ descriptions included below.

The Cuckoo’s Calling – by Robert Galbraith

A brilliant debut mystery in a classic vein: Detective Cormoran Strike investigates a supermodel’s suicide. You may think you know detectives, but you’ve never met one quite like Strike. You may think you know about the wealthy and famous, but you’ve never seen them under an investigation like this. Introducing Cormoran Strike, this is the acclaimed first crime novel by J.K. Rowling, writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

A Is For Alibi – by Sue Grafton

When Laurence Fife was murdered, few mourned his passing. A prominent divorce attorney with a reputation for single-minded ruthlessness on behalf of his clients, Fife was also rumored to be a dedicated philanderer. Plenty of people in the picturesque southern California town of Santa Teresa had a reason to want him dead. Including, thought the cops, his young and beautiful wife, Nikki. With motive, access, and opportunity, Nikki was their number-one suspect. The jury thought so, too.

Call Me Princess – by Sara Blaedel

An online flirtation can have horrific consequences, as Detective Inspector Louise Rick discovers when she is called to an idyllic Copenhagen neighborhood where a young woman has been left bound and gagged after a profoundly brutal attack. But then a new victim is found–dead this time–and the case becomes even more complex when Susanne attempts suicide. From scanning seemingly innocent singles’ profiles to exploring a digital window on the city’s dark and dangerous nightlife, to understanding a troubled mother-daughter relationship, Louise races to uncover the shocking truth behind the crimes.

Keeping Cool in the Heat

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

It’s that time of the year again! Now that we’re moving on from the cold, spring has sprung and as you may have noticed it’s gotten warmer than usual. Consider that during this season, the average temperature here in California is around 50-60 degrees. As of this week its at 70 degrees, giving us an early look at summer. For now, try to stay hydrated and cool with the following tips:

🌞 In some cases, those who don’t have ACs should try not to sleep in satin, silk, or polyester bed sheets, as they are more likely to contain sweaty and body fluids left from previous rest. After all no one likes tossing and turning in bed, now do they? Instead use not so heavy bed linens, more preferably made of cotton which can increase a steady breath and provides airflow within a room.

🌞Take a cold shower to loosen up from sweat and dryness. Plus a cold shower can increase alertness, speed up your metabolism, and tightens your skin from ashiness.

🌞Avoid getting your lips chapped, dry, or flaky by keeping them moisturized. Water is usually the main solution and source, but try adding honey with sugar and almond oil, and gently rub it on your lips to knock off dead skin. Or instead use the traditional chapstick.

🌞A personal favorite is drinking watermelon juice as a treat during the evening since it can keep you hydrated throughout the night, which can lower stress levels.

Tumblr blogs that’ll bright up your week

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

So you decide to join tumblr but don’t know where to start, in this case, of who to follow for genuine good content. Well look no further, the following recommendations pertain to different parts of the unique online community ranging from writers to that of photographers:

conceptish : this blog is among the freelance art and social trends that occur within the artsy community. Within her own art, she attempts to convey the obvious themes of insecurity alongside self reflecting issues, which is aimed at mostly teenagers who can relate to the depictions of ordinary things being the most significant to Everyday Life. Most of the anonymous artist work is done on pastel or dry erase canvases.

teamrocketing : seen as the “ruler, of the cinematic and debate category, this blog’s content is centered around said subjects that consists of recent films that have been released with a review alongside it. In this case of debate the other administrator in charge is famed with discussing important in issues that ranges from school life to working activities, in defense of the working class. Basically, anything that’s been reblogged about current events, has probably been posted from them.

bibliophile : beloved by most of the literacy living users, this blog has been a personal favorite for many reasons. They post weekly and monthly book recommendations based upon their ranks in the best sellers and have a daily poetry horoscope that comes from a certain book and leaves the user wondering from which book it’s from. And the best part of it all is that if they’re lucky, they might have the chance to obtain an insert from an upcoming novel awaiting release. Sometimes leading to occasional site crashings.

ascendingvenus : blending with photography and astrological values, these groups of photographers (also astrologists) have a heavy following throughout the site due to the certain signature angle that’s repeated constantly in their photos. While also posting horoscopes, they give a little spin to the exaggerated issue by assigning each sign with am aesthetic background that’s had followers being immediately attracted to their work. Overall, they also take their time in having Q and A’s addressing differences in casual and professional photo taking.

How to prepare for the SATs

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America Flores-Hernandez

From late night studying to mood swingers, its that time towards the end of this semester where most seniors results depend on their futures, and what it will bring forth. Also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT is a set of standardized college admission tests developed by the College Board, which considers the principal concepts of measuring mathematical and verbal reasoning, in specific subject areas. So sit back and consider these tips and recommendations on getting ready for the test:

🎓 Take Practice Tests
Become acquainted with as many prep tests you can take to get the feel of how the test goes thoroughly. Plus, it’s important to learn strategies dealing with test exhaustion and figuring out how to pace yourself. Pretty soon you can focus on your weakest areas, already knowing what to expect.

🎓 R E A D !
Besides the practice tests, you should also consider reading articles on unfamiliar subject matters before the test. As you read paragraphs, keep in mind that you should figure out the author’s argument. Not only will it be helpful to your reading comprehension, it’ll help you understand any words you don’t know as you read.

🎓 Memorize rules and formulas
Since the test itself contains some geometry problems, you should still memorize all formulas. Such as area, the Pythagorean Theorem, average formulas, special triangle rules, and exponent rules by heart. Plus it saves precious time.

🎓 Know when to guess on a question and when to skip it entirely.

🎓 Allow some time to relax and unwind before the test.

Expressing yourself through venting

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter


Do you ever have something on your mind that gives you the urge to tell someone who isn’t close to you, or in any way that could affect others? Vent, created by Dean Serroni , doing exactly what its name says, lets users vent to other random users. What’s also very convenient about it is that your contacts list is pushed out of the picture, giving the user complete privacy to their posts, also known as vents, on their profile if they wish to remain anonymous or not.

The app itself can be addictive considering that you can find other vent posts categorized by emotions such as calm, irritated, annoyed, angry or furious and mild to intense. Throughout the app, you also have the choice of following other users alongside commenting and leaving an icon vote for them. Vent’s purpose is to just be a comfortable form of social media to airdown issues and is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety or perhaps any other emotion you could feel overall, basically a virtual way to get something off your chest.

Plus this app is more targeted to most adolescent users considering that most of the overall users attend high school or some other secondary education. It’s also a better way for expression instead of bottling stuff inside. Overall, it’s more healthier then keeping things unsaid.

Currently, the app is available on different platforms for download such as the App Store for iPhone iOS and Google Play for Android users.

Tumblr blogs that’ll satisfy your creative mind

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America Flores-Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

Has it ever occurred to you, when a certain idea for an essay or freestyle writing, is good enough? Even if you’re not into writing or are trying to get into it, consider these blogs that could get your brain being more novelistic :

✒ Pulsing-ink
This lovely blog posts weekly haikus, (also known as a Japanese term for poems), slam poetry and cinquains. Its main lyrical themes revolve around youthful perspectives and reflective thoughts on current issues found in today’s society. Should be recommended to anyone who’s in the mood to get insightful.

Unlike most “aesthetic blogs”, Writing Wrongs takes free verse poetry to a whole new level of what some online writers may consider, “spilled ink.” In fact, they’ve created genres such as prompt-rewording where a few sentences posted by previous individuals on chat dashboards are continued with a different tone and topic. Most of their work consists of first-person narratives that instead of sentences use phrases that can be heard in any casual conversation, however, they provide emphasis on how that person truly feels behind those short responses.

A personal favorite, under the aliases of Music and Kitten, the admins of this blog are amongst the most recommended writers in the tumblr community, the rarest to be exact. However, the blog creates most of their works through ask requests either anonymous or not that simply allow the submitters to vent. Through each vent, a quote seen as very enlightening is used in their poems where themes such as coming of age, emotional trauma or reflections come together to become what we see as the people who are around us. A bonus to them is that the duo occasionally posts daily horoscopes, instead each signs daily issue is in the form of an acrostic, limerick or any form of poetry.

Overall, these blogs are deemed quite enlightening in a way since there are certain things actions can’t describe.

Next semester is the start of a new era

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America Flores-Hernandez

Principal Sanchez announced a few months back that she would no longer be in the position of being principal of HHS. Since then, HHS Hiring Committee members have considered who will be able to take Mrs. Sanchez’s place based upon interviews with select candidates for the position. Within the last month, final decisions were narrowed down with the final say coming from Principal Sanchez herself in an email sent to faculty and staff, addressing the individual.

In the email, she announced that, “the new Hollywood High School Principal is Mr. Edward Colacion, the current principal at Young Oak Kim Academy – a middle school within the Los Angeles Unified School District focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM.” She also mentions, “Mr. Colacion will begin at HHS on January 8th, 2018.” Meaning that coming weeks of the fall semester will allow her to remain with us until Friday, December 15th, which is her last day. The email concludes with, “our sincere gratitude goes to the HHS Hiring Committee members for their time, commitment and involvement in this important process.”

With the prospect of a new principal, students, faculty and staff can expect some changes to arrive once the next semester begins in a new year.

Spoopy season has ended, now on to the festivities

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America Flores-Hernandez


As Halloween goes to a close, you might catch yourself wondering, what now? Obviously Christmas will soon be coming around the corner however, if you think about it, this month is focused entirely on being thankful for what we have. Whether it be something or someone we hold near and dear, you should start considering what gifts you’d want to give.

Have no fear, instead of buying something try making a gift of your own. It doesn’t matter how “perfect” it has to be, what truly matters is that it comes from the holiday spirit. There are just about tons of creative ways to make your family or friends feel special this holiday season:

🎁 Cards – the timeless classic gift, on the contrary of buying a holiday-themed card, take the time to make one based upon the person’s favorite color or interests. Such as black and white in gratitude of a friend that loves vintage with a mix of old school vibes that’ll sure deepen any friendship or relationship.

🎁Handmade headphone case – Not necessarily a hard task once it’s carried out, it can be made of an empty mint box, can be circular or squared. To add a little finishing touch on it, perhaps cover it up by painting the outside of the case or using washi tape to add a few decorations.

🎁 Jar of compliments – Sounds pretty simple and it is, just take an empty jar out (it should be already cleaned and dry, not to mention it shouldn’t have residue from what was previously contained inside), grab some pieces of paper, and write down certain things you feel are unique to the gift’s receiver on those pieces of paper.

Even though these ideas are just a few, there’s always more to find on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Tumblr and other social media sites with DIY blogs that’ll help craft that perfect present. In the meantime, stay in that merry mood and DIY away with these recommendations that could help out with your gift search.

Keeping cool, during the fall

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America Flores-Hernandez

It’s not everyday that you notice the weather being more hotter than expected. Even though summer is over, it appears to be still trailing behind fall. This week, everyone obviously noticed temperatures went up surprisingly to 100 degrees which caused a lot of classes to turn on their AC’s. But have you ever wondered on how to handle the heat without an AC? Here’s many different ways on how you can get started:

☀ Stay hydrated by drinking water no matter what, even if you’re not thirsty, at least take a couple of sips in between your day. Should be at least 3 or 4, so you can quench your thirst, especially if you’re about to work out. Water is necessary for our bodies to be healthy after all.

☀ A cold shower is also something to take in consideration if you think about it. Rinsing off under a stream of tepid H20 brings down the core body temperature and rinses off sweat so leaving a cool and clean feeling.

☀ If you have a basement, use it during the hottest hours of the day when the sun is highest. Basements are usually 10-15 degrees cooler than the upstairs part of the house. (Better than a heated porch).

☀ Stressing out during high temperatures can also cause some symptoms that result in fevers. To avoid that, drink chrysanthemum tea. Practitioners say chrysanthemum is a cooling herb which clears the head.

☀ Lastly, for anybody, it’s recommended that clothing also affects our health too. Considering that heat can be trapped by synthetic fibres of clothes made from material such as nylon. But cotton absorbs perspiration and its evaporation causes you to feel cooler. So try wearing cotton light-weight clothes, which reflect the sun’s radiation.

Overall, try not to maintain or just stray away from hot surfaces during this crazy ruckus of mother nature. Keep calm and stay cool before sweater weather truly begins, in which it should have but even nature takes its time.

Halloween is coming right around the corner

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America Flores-Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

As Halloween is creeping upon us, have you ever wondered about the real story behind the tricks and treats? Being one of the most celebrated days of the year, the origins of this holiday trace as far back to ancient Europe. However, it wasn’t always about fun and games.

Dating back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). 2,000 years ago in what is now Ireland, the U.K and France, the Celts celebrated their new year on November 1. It was a significant date that signified the end of the summer harvest commencing the start of the heavy winter season, which was at the time, associated with human death.

In commemoration of winter beginning, huge sacred bonfires were made where people gathered to burn crops and animals to be omens to Celtic deities while wearing costumes of animal heads or skins and at the same time attempting to tell fortunes. In such way, the bonfires were meant to protect them for the winter.

Other traditions that would be the basis for trick-or-treating developed in 8th century medieval Britain. For instance, souling involved those of the lower class to beg for pastries known as “soul cakes”, in return they prayed for deceased relatives. Guising on the other hand, was a trend among adolescents who wore costumes either accepting food, wine and even money in exchange for singing, reciting poetry or telling jokes in front of the elites.

By the 19th century when Irish immigrants moved to the U.S., they helped re-popularizing the spoopy holiday we know today. It was toned down a bit so it could be more fitted into a family event. As the popularity of this holiday increased, so did businesses that began using it to create more money benefiting their companies.

Overall, the 31st of October is a day when everyone can enjoy fun times with family and friends, in a way to prepare for a season where (some, not all) can deal with the bitter cold and hope for something to pull them off the edge of their seats. Either by fear or excite.

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