Sheikfest celebrates New Media students semester-long projects

Brandon Chitic-Marroquin

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The annual Sheikfest Film Festival, where NMA juniors and seniors will present their semester-long projects, screens Wednesday. This year’s theme is “Catalysts for Change,” with each group creating a video highlighting an influential figure or event that sparked significant change.

Students will showcase their films to a panel of judges, who will then interview the groups about their research and creative process.

The following films have been chosen to represent the 2024 NMA Junior Class at Sheikfest:

  • Breaking Boundaries“: Brandon Chitic, Yarely Gomez, Gerardo Alonso, Diego Carillo, Nathan Cordova, Cindy Ramirez, Arely Martinez
  • A Child’s Voice“: Isabela Rios, Cassandra Santiago
  • Flower Girl“: Breechla Chacon, Lamar Cobaquil, Andy Hakopyan, Meadow May, Madeline Moraga, Joseph Sutton, Annette Velez
  • From Hell to Hollywood“: Anna Dashkevich, Amy Bran
  • Kaleidoscope“: Zuri Almeralla, Jastin Dumuk, Mariela Fritz
  • Lucia“: Abner Carpio, Yara Chinchilla, Cash Fernandez, Oscar Garcia, Yasmin Garcia, Manuel Ramirez, Ashley Santiago, Kevin Salguero
  • Redefinition“: Oscar Atariani, Ha Maa Angai mea, Coxato, Karen Navarro
  • Spade“: Adrian Conde, Carmen Aguilar, Diana Aguilar, Ashley Coi, Natalie Mercado, Catherine Morales, Estephane Tecum
  • Underestimated“: Mya Moody, Gabriela Paredes

The event aims to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the students, providing a platform for them to share their insights and learn from one another.

“It feels surreal being up here. I genuinely didn’t think we’d get chosen,” said Yarely Gomez, a member of the “Breaking Boundaries” team, expressing the excitement and disbelief shared by many participants.

The Sheikfest Film Festival will take place from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the main auditorium of Hollywood High School. Teachers and students are invited to attend and support their peers, recognizing the effort and creativity that went into each project. Anyone can register using the QR code on the image above.

Disclosure: Brandon Chitic-Marroquin is a participant in the film festival.

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