Track and field end regular season with senior celebration

Karyna Luna and Arely Barrera Crimson Chronicle Reporters

Track and field prevailed in their last home meet to bring home a senior night win on April 19, advancing most of the runners to League Preliminary Finals.

Hollywood dominated the meet with a 70-47 win over Bernstein. 

The first events of the meet saw the start of Hollywood’s winning streak. In the 4×100 relay, runners Maxwell Harvell, Kevin Hernandez, Adam Olayinka and Zahir Houston placed first for Boys Varsity, running a 46.88. For Girls Varsity, runners Jai’la Counts, Erin Nagai, Sherlyn Toledo and Nicole Edwards also got first with a time of 56.05.

The 100-meter dash saw Hollywood’s winning streak continue. Adam Olayinka placed first in Boys Varsity at 11.28 while Nicole Edwards placed first at 13.75.

The highly anticipated 4×400 meter dash saw a win for Girls’ Varsity, with runners Riley Shepherd, Kayli Fritz, Syntyche Landry and Brooke Jones placing first at 4:46.27. In Boys Varsity, runners Issa Diallo, Patorn Meechukant, Kevin Hernandez and Mehdi Hidouche placed 2nd at 3:51.46.

Many seniors felt sentimental amidst the meet, reflecting upon their experiences in Track and Field over their high school years.

“It’s crazy. I realized that today is going to be the last time I’m going to ever run the 200,” said senior captain Sherlyn Toledo, “I feel like it’s going to be like that for a lot of our seniors.”

With the seniors leaving, there will be a gap in the team, however, underclassmen feel hopeful about the future of the team.

“I’m gonna miss the seniors,” said sophomore and captain Jennie Aviles, “but we’re going to build our team up for next year and the year after and so on.”

Seniors also expressed hope for the future of the team and their continued success.

“I hope we can build a new undefeated record,” said senior captain Andy Gaspar, “I believe in us, and I’m excited to see what’s ever to come.”

“I know it’s gonna be a good team,” said senior captain Jai’la Counts, “we’re gonna get that title, like usual. Hopefully, I can come back to visit and support my team.”

The team is set to face all their league opponents in the Prelims and Finals for the first-ever edition of the Central League first-place trophy on April 25 and May 2.

Photos by Tiffany Lopreto

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