Sophomores and juniors venture to UCLA

Karyna Luna and Tiffany Lopreto

Crimson Chronicle Reporters

Selected sophomores and juniors took a field trip to UCLA on April 3. 

The trip was organized through the school’s UCLA EAOP program, although anyone could have attended.

Upon arrival, students explored the Athletic Hall of Fame on campus, featuring all kinds of sports memorabilia and tributes to past Bruin athletes and coaches, such as legendary basketball John Wooden 

After some technical difficulties, students were directed to the Student Activities Center on campus–where the EAOP office is located–to hear a presentation given by the EAOP counselor. 

The presentation covered the basics regarding college applications and higher education as a whole. Other topics included how the various systems of higher education in California work, financial aid, and A-G requirements. There was also some discussion that was related solely to the UC system, such as the Personal Insight Questions and how they work, how GPA is calculated for UC applications. how to raise your GPA and what the UC system’s academic strengths are.

Once the presentation was over, students were split into two groups and given a tour of UCLA’s campus by students at the university. Fun facts and anecdotes were shared about various spots and buildings on campus–from the imperfections of Royce Hall to the tree outside Moore Hall that grows potatoes. 

“The tour guides had really good backstories,” said SAS sophomore Jennie Aviles, “and it was really interesting what they had to say and hear about what could get you into a school like that.” 

To cap off the trip, students were then released to lunch being given $16 food vouchers for one restaurant in Ackerman Union. Lunch happened during the lunch rush which resulted in the place being packed. 

“I kinda wish there were less people in line because I wanted Panda Express,” said SAS sophomore Angel Cueto “but it was pretty cool.” 

Students said they found the trip informative and inspiring, serving as a unique way to learn more about the university. 

“I think it was a way of motivation for me to do better in school, and to raise up my grades and try as hard as I can,” said SAS sophomore Sarah Arguello, “when I was walking throughout the campus, I felt like doing school work was very important to get into a college as good as UCLA,”

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