Jungkook releases debut solo album

Angelina Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Top Korean artisit, Jeon Jungkook from BTS, launched his debut album called Golden last week.

Through BigHIt Music, his two top singles “Seven” and “3D” which were on Billboard Top 100,  are included along side other songs. From Korea to the U.S., many of your favorite western artists will also collaborate with Jungkook.

According to the track list, the album contains Closer to You, a collaboration with Major Lazer. The Golden Maknae will also work with DJ Snake on his song Please Don’t Change. He also worked on tracks with Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, and David Steward, including Yes or No, Hate You, Somebody, Too Sad To Dance, Shot Glass of Tears, and the title tune Standing Next to You.

The album is a mix of varites of genres from punk to pop. Jungkook’s album will consist of three versions called: Shine, Solid, and Substances.

As a fellow ARMY myself, (fan club member) I am proud of Jungkook who has come this far and still has so much to offer to the world and his fans. Let’s support and give lots of love with his upcoming album, streaming “seven days a week, every hour, every minute, every second.”

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