Boys’ Soccer Ready to Kick Off

Justin Reyes

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Boys’ soccer tryouts are approaching and students are getting ready to showcase their skills. 

Sheiks anticipate a fresh start on the field, picking up from where they last left off. Boys’ soccer ended second in the Central League last season, against Belmont High School losing 2-1. 

Regardless of the setbacks, everyone is motivated to get back to work and improve together.

“Looking forward to seeing who steps up as leaders,” said Rashan Briggs, “Motivated to work with Coach Perez this year to help get this team to the playoffs and beyond”.

Soccer conditioning has kicked off, and is getting everyone ready to have a solid opening to the season. 

“Conditioning is going very well,” said Jan Castillo, a SAS junior, “I’m glad to see many people wanting to stay after school and come to conditioning.”

Previous players like Jan have huge expectations and goals for this upcoming season. “My expectation this year is to form a great team where we can be a family on and off the pitch,” said Jan, “My goal is to win CIF finals and become league champions.”

Conditioning practices are coming to an end but tryouts start on Oct 30 – Nov 2. For any questions, talk to coach Javier Perez or Rashan Briggs who can be found in the art building in room 303 B.

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