Students can help the library spend $65,000

Jade Villanueva

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Sheiks do you ever wish your favorite little-known author was found in our library? Want more books that will spike your interest?

Congress has now passed funds to refresh our library with $65,000 to spend. The Senate budget plan proposes $750 million in library infrastructure projects, bringing more funding to K-12 school libraries, public, and any libraries in the state of California. The library asks if students can fill out a Google form to provide suggestions for any books you would like to read.

¨It’s a great opportunity to replenish the library with brand new books,¨ said Sherri Whitham, school librarian “I really want students and faculty input to provide books that students will actually use and read.¨

Student Google form for library books

These links provide the form to suggest and provide ideas for new books.


Book Riot

Epic Reads

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