Strike will close schools for 3 days

Jessica Velasco

Crimson Chronicle Editor

Two unions, one representing the support staff and the other representing the teachers, will strike on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The strike was announced Wednesday at a rally which took place at Grand Park.

Thousands of people showed up in support with signs. People also wore purple and red clothes to show their support for Service Employees International Union Local 99 and United Teachers Los Angeles. 

“I thought it was very effective in sending a sign to the superintendent that we’re serious and that we support our union,” said Dr. Jin Suh Jirn, an English teacher and the SAS co-lead for the School for Advanced Studies.

Both unions have been in contract negotiations for 10 months. The unions and the district have been unable to compromise, which led to the strike.

With the three day closure of the schools, the original date for grades to be turned in will be pushed back.

Not only will grades be pushed back, but the SAT originally intended to take place on Wednesday next week has been postponed for April 12. 

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