Behind the scenes of the Valentine grams making

Zaineh Saleh

Crimson Chronicle Editor

The associated student body enhanced Valentine’s Day spirit by delivering grams to classes.

The grams included a heart-shaped pink balloon, that had a miniature teddy bear and rose attached. They were sold a week prior for seven dollars during lunchtime at the quad. Leadership reported that they were sold out on Friday Feb. 10.

“When I was a freshman, I remember hearing about Grams and definitely was so excited to buy mine but unfortunately, COVID had hit so we went into quarantine,” said Omar Garcia, a PAM senior. “Now as a senior here at Hollywood, I got the opportunity to be ASB Fundraising chair and I knew that the first thing I wanted to do as chair was to bring the Grams back.”

Planning and approving the grams took about 3-5 months it was described to be long and lengthy. Originally ASB wanted to sell candy grams, however, they were made aware of an LAUSD policy that prohibits the sale of ‘unhealthy” food during school hours.

The ambiance of the leadership room while making the grams was full of joy and laughter. Students could be seen dancing, lip-syncing to music, and overall in a great mood.

The grams were delivered the day before valentine’s during period seven, by leadership students who blasted music before giving them and wore cupid inspired headbands.

Photo Credits to Deborah Ruiz

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