Pick the Perfect Holiday Gift for Music Lovers

Tiberius Marks

Crimson Chronicle Editor

With winter break approaching, it’s the perfect time to start preparing for the holiday season. Across many cultures this time of the year seems almost synonymous with gift giving. The season of giving comes with the stress of trying to figure out the perfect gift for the people in your life. 

For music lovers, you may find it hard to pick that perfect gift, but here are a few ideas to help you during this generous holiday season. 

The first and most obvious gift idea is merch. Figure out who’s their favorite artists and things such as clothes from that artist will make an amazing present for them. If the artist is a bit more obscure websites such as redbubble and etsy will usually have options for you. 

Another gift idea is physical copies of their favorite album. While there seems to be a stigma around physical copies such as vinyls and CDs, with the advent of digital music, these seem to be seen as useless and a waste of space. However, physical copies allow listeners to have a deeper connection with the music than just listening to it digitally. Even if they don’t own a record player or a CD player, for a lot of people owning the record or CD is all they need.

Lastly, and the most expensive of all the gifts, is tickets to the artist’s shows. Though it may cost more than the other ideas, this may be the best gift. Not only do you get to see the artists live, which usually is a better listening experience than their studio albums, but you also get the experience of the show.

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