Students honor Day of the Dead with altars

James Ajin

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students can now check out Day of the Dead altars by Ana Estangui’s Spanish classes with the help of the Latino Student Union (LSU). 

Day of the Dead (or Día de Los Muertos in Spanish) is a Latin-American holiday to remember those who have passed by paying tribute to them with offerings such as altars. These altars contain many components, each having its own significance. For example, the Flor de Muerto (cempasúchil flowers) guides past loved ones back to Earth with their color and appearance.  It is very important to Latin-American students, especially in the Los Angeles area where there is a dominant Latino culture. 

“The cultural component is the important one,” said Ana Estangui, a Spanish teacher, “These celebrations connect students with their communities, families, and lives.” 

According to Estangui, it is important to immerse students in culture and tradition when learning a new language. She also says that this holiday is a great way to get an idea of how to cope with the passing of a loved one. 

The altars will be set up for at least another week so stop by and see the amazing altars that are on display now.

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