Sparks’ students win SAS Halloween door decorating competition

Jessica Velasco

Crimson Chronicle Editor

In the spirit of Halloween, the SAS student council organized the Halloween door decorating competition. 

To participate, students signed-up with the SAS teacher of their choice. Students were allowed to work on any door, as long as the teams consisted of 10 or fewer. The winning group won a pizza party.

After the month of October was up, the judges went around the school to see all the decorated doors. The winner was revealed to be Art teacher Samantha Sparks’ Gogh Sheiks door. 

The winning door was themed around Van Gogh, a famous Dutch Impressionist artist who cut off his ear. Some of his iconic paintings include The Starry Night and Sunflowers. 

Other competitors included Annabelle Domingo’s Isla de La Munecas door with doll body parts; Steven Steinberg’s Frankenberg door; Jin Suh Jirn’s Corpse Bride door; Karen Cusolito’s door with missing teacher posters; Kelly Vuong’s Bad Bunny door, Stephen Lange’s game over door; Christina Dempsey’s pumpkin patch door; Leighton J Milton’s Miltonius door; Alice Strangeluv’s crime scene door; and Joseph Turrise’s mugshot of Frankenstein door. 

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