Fender donates 30 guitars to instruments class

Anay Sandoval

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Guitar manufacturer Fender surprised instrument teacher Bryan Meyers’ students by donating about 30 acoustic guitars along with other surprises recently. 

Fender, which makes the famous Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, came to Hollywood High donating instruments and equipment. Along with the guitars, they brought guitar stands.

Giving back to their community is “really important to us and of course, we’re really passionate about music and basically building artists and making sure that you guys have the right support,” said Jennifer Zepeda, coordinator at Fender.

Tim Hancock, learning manager for Fender Play and a former guitar teacher, said he’s seen the positive impact learning an instrument has on young people. In addition to the instruments, students get access to Fender Play, which is their learning app. They’ll be able to use this in the classroom and at home, learning how to play these instruments.  

“It’s a total dream come true,” said Meyers, the new instrument teacher on campus. “I can’t believe that something like this could happen to me or this program. I have no words to describe what this means to us and our students.” 

Students are also very grateful for the support they are getting. “I’m happy that someone wants to support our school and that they are donating stuff and being nice.”  Xiomara B Rolon

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