Babytron excites fans with new album “Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament”

Tiberius Marks

Crimson Chronicle Editor

Detroit rapper, Babytron released his second album of 2022. This album is the third installment of his “Bin Reaper” series, “Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament” which was released October 28, 2022.

After his debut album, “Bin Reaper” which featured collaborations with rappers such as lil Yachty and Rio Da Young OG, Babytron has been making waves in the trap scene. With a unique Detroit trap style of delivery and production full of retro samples, Babytron has been able to keep fans captivated. 

In his latest album Babytron is able to do what his fans have come to expect from him without sounding repetitive or played out. With his iconic flow, beat switches and humor, Babytron is able to create a fresh and entertaining listening experience. This was all on full display on the track ”Wake Tf Up” featuring a beat which sampled “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell. This track is able to demonstrate everything Babytron’s great at; with witty punchlines, a catchy beat and his unique flow all coming together to make an incredible listen.

With a sub-genre dominated by southern styles, Babytron is a breath of fresh air in trap. It’s no wonder he has been receiving so much attention from people such as Cole Bennett, and lil Yachty. With this latest release we can see more and more reasons why some have been referring to Mr. Tron as the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time).

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  1. On gustus I will have to give a listen to this new album! I wonder what the G.O.A.T will have in store for us this time! I wonder if it will be “fire”?!?!?!?. Stay swag sheiks!

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