Introducing the new counselors

Interview by Ashley Estrada and Anay Sandoval

Q: What did you do before you came (back) to Hollywood?

¨ I’m a college and career counselor, so I worked for the district, and I had to roll out college and career readiness programs and I train other teachers and counselors on college and career advice. I also worked at LA High and Venice High in that capacity as well,¨ said Heather Brown

¨ I was also a school counselor…for a private school, so this is my first time working with public and im super excited because I’m also a product of LAUSD,¨ said Evelyn Gaspar.

¨ I was a college counselor at other schools, so this is my seventh school and my sixteenth year as a college counselor so I’m excited to be here for a couple years at least,¨ said Dr. Julia Pelikhova 

¨ I was a stay at home mom and before that I was a teacher… elementary school teacher,¨ said Cynthia Cobb.

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