Reported shooting deemed a hoax

Jake Stafford and Zaineh Saleh

Crimson Chronicle Reporter and Editor

Hollywood High School was swatted Tuesday when the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department received a call claiming that six people were injured in room 106. 

Swatting is a serious offense that is not to be taken lightly. It occurs when serious situations are claimed falsely in hopes of creating a big response, sending a SWAT team. 

Room 106 does not exist at the school.  The Sheriff’s Department, which covers Los Angeles County, relayed the call to the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division, which showed up in force with guns drawn. About 30 minutes after police thoroughly searched the 200 building, they deemed it to be a hoax. 

Nerves were rattled when staff announced a full lockdown at 9:43 a.m.. Shortly after the lockdown was put into place, LAPD as well as news helicopters surrounded the school. At 10:30 a.m. police started sweeping the rooms in the 200 building.

“I felt nervous because I have never experienced a similar situation. I felt intimidated by the guns held by the cops, and was scared something would happen abruptly,” said Jamie Montenegro, a SAS sophomore.

Students relied on the Citizen app for information and updates throughout the lockdown. 

Fox News LA and ABC 7 LA were also giving updates about the situation.  

Some students in the 200 building were evacuated into different areas of the school, such as the big gym and the football field. In the gym, students’ backpacks were thoroughly searched and students were patted down by police to eliminate any threats. 

The streets around the school were blocked off. Parents were lined up outside the school, anxiously waiting for any updates regarding their kids. Communication between the school and parents was lackluster, as parents didn’t receive any additional information until the lockdown was over. 

“I left the school due to the fact that as a student, as a son and brother, I felt really unsafe,” said Omar Garcia, a PAM senior. “I called my mom letting her know what had happened and she was panicking and didn’t hesitate to leave her job to come to pick me up because as a mother she knew that her son’s safety was her first priority before anything.”

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