Students take a stand against abortion laws and gun violence

Jenifer Mejia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students walked out of campus to protest against abortion and gun laws in the United States on Tuesday.

The Instagram page @hhsprotests made a post announcing a walkout scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. Many students walked out with large posters with meaningful quotes such as “honk for women’s rights,” “how many more?” and “honk to end gun violence.”

“I wanted to protest because I wanted to raise my voice about issues like gun violence and abortion laws,” said Karla Sanchez, PAM junior. Karla, along with her group of friends, took on the streets of Hollywood demanding change.

The Hollywood High Instagram account @hhsprotests said, “ Hollywood High school doesn’t just demand action, we actually make action happen.”

“The students were chanting and the cars were honking,” said PAM junior Nathalie Hernandez.

Kenya Murph, NMA junior, said that after she walked out and saw that not many people had attended she took matters into her own hands and decided to post the walkout on her Instagram story. Students chanted and walked around the block as cars honked in support.

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