“Who’s the new math teacher?”

Kelly Vuong has filled the opening in the School for Advanced Studies.

Valerie Carrillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Though it’s the month of May, students got a new math teacher to teach Algebra 1, Geometry, and Precalculus. It’s been two weeks and four days that Kelly Vuong, the new math teacher for SAS students in room 425, has settled in and has been teaching the students that Stephen Lange, math teacher, committed to taking over.

Students who had Guido Preparata for a math class were struggling to maintain what was being taught to them, even then students had begun to fail their math class because eventually what was meant for them to be their teacher, departed from teaching here at Hollywood High School.

It’s been a full semester and a half where students did not have a permanent teacher. These students had a substitute teacher who had never taught math, and had to grade assignments that were given to him on behalf of his students that Lange who also committed to teaching.

On April 18, the students who had no teacher had a profound change. A young woman walked into their classroom and was introduced by Lange, their current teacher, who struggled having to go back and forth to be able to maintain the students actually turning in their assignments.

It takes people time to settle in and to feel comfortable to do things in a new community that you’ve never been in. Even though it’s almost the end of the year, Vuong still is very appreciative of being able to teach these students.

“I like this school, I think everybody is very chill and very relaxed and very respectful, also very weird”, she said laughing. She included “they’re also very respectful”. Vuong seemed quite comfortable and she fit right in with her students.

“This is my third year teaching, I used to teach in middle school, and of course math.” Vuong attended Cal State LA where she double majored in Japanese and Math which had her studying for six years.

With Vuong’s experience, it’s made her very open minded in her work environment. Vuong chose Hollywood High School because “there’s a lot of diversity here, you can get rich, poor, and different ethnicities at this school, plus the students I teach are the best, they’re making it fun and nice here”, she said.

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