Warming up for “Stand Up”

Dancers rehearsing for the spring dance recital May 6-7. (Photo by Giovanni Lopez)

Giovanni Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

“Stand Up” launched its opening show on Friday, May 6 at 7 p.m. entertaining audiences through its coverage on issues in Black History. Lisa Goldschein, artistic director and choreographer at this school, and her dance classes prepared for this semester dance through many classes of hard work. 

“I think it’s gonna be an exciting show. We have lots of new costumes this semester,” said Goldschein, “ The music is really exciting and we’re gonna have lights designed for all the dance pieces ”

In the production number, there are nearly 90 students performing, the most that Goldschein has had in one concert. She said she usually has about 60-75 students.

To begin preparation for the show, the students first started off with working on technique. It consists of body alignment, working with flexibility and leg extensions. As soon as they start warming up they then begin working on their choreography.

“Mentally, I’ve been trying to calm myself down so I’m not nervous. Going with the music helps a lot, ”said Nyla Baker, a PAM senior. 

The choreography started from scratch. Former Hollywood High students, Kaylnn Harris, class of 2021, PAM,  who is choreographing the piece “Stand Up”and Cheyenne Dioh, class of 2017 PAM, helped start it up. Both were in Goldschein’s dance classes when they attended the school. 

With the pieces, Black artists are being included through songs such as “Stand Up” and “Bottom of the River ” to represent the course of Black History. One thing to keep in mind is that there are little messages that may not be specific in the dance but will be shown in the music.

As for the costumes, they were actual dance dresses that had leotards built into them.

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