Versa Style performs at invitational school assembly

Students hanging out with Versa Style after their performance

Andy Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Last Friday members of Versa Style came to Hollywood High and performed in front of students and staff. They taught the history of hip-hop and other forms of art influence it had on the community which helped bring the attention of many students. Students cheered and applauded as the show left many surprised. 

Versa-Style Los Angeles is a non-profit organization and dance company comprised of artists who represent the diversity and the culture of Los Angeles. These different forms of art include a mixture of Hip-hop, Popping, Locking, Whacking, and others similar to these forms. 

Versa-Style was formed in response to the rampant media portrayal of these dance styles. Its goal is to perform for the youth of Los Angeles in order to impart their roots, heritage, and culture of these dance forms and inspire a new generation of dances. Versa-Style exemplifies freedom of expression, individualism, hard work, self-discipline, and devotion to the form, as well as providing the opportunity to express oneself. 

Erick Sajche a senior at DTLA Magnet High who has been a part of Versa Style for four years said, “Versa Style has been an amazing experience for me, I first joined a few years ago, and the impact it has left on me is more than I can bring to words. The way the culture of hip hop and street dance is preserved and taught to the younger generation is a beauty in itself. The opportunities Versa Style brings are countless, I personally have met with people that are pioneers within the hip hop world. I am a current member of VSNG, Versa Style’s program for the youth, we train directly under Versa Style core members; this program has elevated my abilities as a dancer to a height above anything I could’ve imagined. For those wondering to join and are willing to take up the chance I would strongly recommend joining us as we are an open family and we’re interconnected with one another about the things we love.” 

The audience seemed impressed. “I thought it was very interesting that they took time out of their day to perform for us and to give information about their company. My favorite part of their performance was the freestyle at the end,” said Omar Navar, a SAS senior.

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