Upward Bound program open to freshman looking for college help

Joseph Gallegos

Crimson Chronicle Editor

College is something that many have in mind in their plans after high school. Over the years though, applying to colleges has become more competitive. Due to this, it is important to start thinking about and preparing for college early on. This is where the Upward Bound program comes in with applications for new students due on May 6th

The Upward Bound program is a pre-college program that helps first-generation students from low income families to prepare for the rigors of college. This program is open to current freshmen, going on into 10th grade, to apply and they will continue to be in the program throughout high school.

“My experience in Upward Bound has been amazing and I consider it the best program I’ve joined in high school,” says Luis Bautista, SAS senior who has been in the program since his freshman year. “Through this program I have been to tons of colleges all across California, have gotten free tutoring, and one on one academic counseling. I highly recommend Upward Bound for anyone interested.”

As part of this program, students will be able to take part in a six-week summer academy through LACC. Through this, students will be able to take different kinds of classes over this time period. Whether it be to make up a course, get ahead in a subject, or a college level course for college credit. That means that the college credit you get will transfer to the college you attend which means it adds up to less courses in college and less money to spend.

“Every year it is getting more and more competitive to apply to college bothin in-state and out-of-state,” says Natividad Robles, Upward Bound counselor in charge of Hollywood High School students. “Colleges are looking for well-rounded students who are academically prepared but also have extracurricular involvement. It’s critical for students to start early on in high school thinking about where they would like to go and better prepare for college. Anyone who is interested in exploring their options after high school should join this program.”

Along with this, in this program you will have access to tutoring in a variety of subjects, college advising and college campus tours both in person and online. If you haven’t already, you can pick up an application and turn them in at the college center.

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