Spring formal cancelled

Alondra Cabrera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students are upset that Hollywood High School’s leadership students just announced on April 25 on the Instagram account, @hwoodasb, that the spring formal was canceled.

However, before the cancellation, leadership students were already struggling to get the spring formal on track. Some of the main leadership students putting it together, PAM student Jaela Panlaqui and SAS junior Henry Rodas were stressing over the situation since it was rushed and had limited time. 

Tickets were selling the whole of last week for $13. Students had already bought guest tickets and according to other students they had already bought their dresses and suits. Even as far as a junior that  got proposed to for spring formal, since it was going to be their only dance this semester, they were pretty upset. Students were in fact so upset that the comments on @hwoodasb about the situation, had to be turned off.

Jaela Panlaqui said, “We sold a total of 32 tickets, when we promised to sell 300 tickets.” 

They would have needed to sell around 300 tickets or more, in order to have the funds for the decoration and to put it together.

Hwoodasb instagram posted that there would be ticket refunds on April 25. However, on Monday hwoodasb posted on their Instagram story that they will not be holding refunds that day, and that they would be giving the refunds sometime later in the week.

This obviously got students upset as well.

Vice Principal Kevin Clanin posted on Schoology on April 26 that students are now able to pick up their refunds at the student store. 

 “I’m sad about the situation, but also relieved that the stress is finally over.” Jaela said

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