Class of 2022 feels the pressure

Tiyrah Miller

Crimson Chronicle Editor

As deadlines begin crashing down on seniors, students begin to work overtime to meet all the requirements to get to the bowl. Many teachers have begun to make lists for their senior classes to help them stay focused on deadlines.


  • May 13   Senior Fail List is due.
  • May 17   Exam 2 on Chapters 8, 9, and 10.
  • May 18   Grading Window Opens.
  • May 19   Final Presentations begin.
  • May 30   Last Day for failing Seniors to turn in Late Work.
  • May 31   Senior Grades are due.

In addition to teachers cracking down the pressure on their seniors, the administration has been posting updates on Schoology; making the senior class feel the pressure, especially for those students who must complete Edgenuity to graduate.

SENIORS: Time is running out. Work as much as possible to get your class done as soon as possible. Message me and/or your teacher when you need a unit test unlocked, or any other assistance to complete your course quickly. Graduation is just around the corner! – Announcement from TCA counselor Cindy Dyer

“As someone who has been doing edgenuity all four years, I have never been more stressed about finishing it then I have been this week”, said SAS senior Gregor Kauroma

Edgenuity is an excellent way for students to make up for failing classes at their own pace and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home. However, some students must stay after school and sit in a teacher’s classroom while doing Edgenuity. 

“I made myself stick to the goal of finishing at least two pre-tests while being in the edgenuity class”, said SAS senior Janet Lemus

Besides grades seniors must also worry about turning in textbooks from grade 9 to 12, which includes books English teachers brought for you to check out. Starting Monday, May 23, 2022, seniors that have completed final exams will go to the library with their teachers for textbook returns. A great way to check what books you need to turn in is by using the Destiny Schoology App.

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