Nothing could be better than having a summer job at Universal Studios

Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Everyone loves Universal Studios because of the nostalgia and summer vibes we get when we are there. Many people can’t think of a better job than working at Universal Studios for the summer. Students are now able to sign up and do an interview for a summer job at Universal Studios. Nothing could be better than spending your whole summer working at one of the best theme parks in the world. 

There are many options of what you are able to do when working at Universal Studios. For example, you could be a ride operator, food stand attendant, barista, carnival games attendant, and etc. There are many different jobs to choose from depending on what you are into. 

However, there are a few requirements in order for you to sign up for these jobs. For example, these jobs require you to be 18 years or old. Most of these jobs also require you to have some type of work experience in the past. For example, if you want to be a steward, you would need previous experience as a steward or something similar. A steward is someone who works in the kitchen, but doesnt cook. Their job is to make sure that everything in the kitchen is sanitary. For example, they mop the floor and clean the walls. They take out the trash and clean the kitchen utensils. 

If you are into cooking and baking, you can get a job at Universal Studios that requires you to make food for guests. Imagine making Krusty Burgers and selling them to happy guests while they’re soaking wet from the Jurassic World ride. If you want a more sophisticated job at Universal Studios, you can even sign up to work for a manager and help with different types of service at the park. Working for a manager could possibly help you become a more serious manager at the park one day in the future. 

PAM students at our school should be excited about this opportunity because this could be a chance to relate their summer jobs to what they do at school. Being a part of the stage crew at Universal Studios requires you to be backstage and help with props before their shows. This job is similar to what we do in Dr. Sannah’s Tech Theater class. 

Here’s the application site and options on jobs at Universal Studios:

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