NMA students consume the campus with filmmaking

NMA students filming a scene in front of the library. (Photo by Jenifer Mejia)

Jenifer Mejia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

NMA students have been working hard on their end-of-the-year films. Over the course of the past few weeks, NMA juniors have been seen outside of class dedicating plenty of time to their projects.  

They’ll be hard to miss with their filmmaking equipment. You might find students and faculty waiting for them to finish shooting a scene, or making their way around them. 

Despite speculation, being an NMA student is not easy; before they even begin filming they must come up with a topic and write the script. Additionally, everyone in the group has a different task. One person is in charge of the sound system, the other one is in charge of the camera and we can’t forget about the actors and the directors. Not only is this project time-consuming, but it also matters immensely in terms of grades. The grade that they will receive for their project will count towards their grade for multiple classes. 

“It can be quite overwhelming,” said NMA junior, Elizabeth Menjivar. 

Luckily for NMA students, they have the opportunity to take other students out of class for acting; students from different SLCs can be in their films. 

“ It’s super fun and a good experience for PAM students.” said PAM junior, Nathalie Hernandez who will appear in multiple NMA films.

 Further information on the publications of the films will be published on Schoology. For any further questions on the projects, you may contact NMA Magnet Coordinator Ali Nezu or NMA counselor Edwin Deleon. 

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